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Summary of the weather in Ile de Re throughout the Year

Alongside with the Cote d’Azur; Ile de Re boasts being one of France’s most sunniest regions. The typical climate is gentle, and the temperatures will almost certainly never drop below freezing point.(Except maybe early January)  The sea is, of course, a major attraction here. There are swimming beaches galore, all with golden sand and calm waters. The better beaches are on the Atlantic coast side ie Rivedoux,  Bois Plage,  La Couarde and in the north of the island up at Les Portes and near the Phare des Baleines.  If one had to pick the best beach then without doubt in would be the Trousse Chemise beach near Les Portes.   NOTE: This has a very exciting current where local children enjoy being swept along the beach.  (For those new to this beach do watch where other children go before letting your own children ride the current.)

 Locals say that the Ile de Re has a special micro-climate. In summer it is wonderfully warm, without the overbearing heat of the south. And in spring and autumn it remains pleasant; perfect for enjoying outdoor leisure’s. 

 The Ile de Re has been rewarded with the benefits of a rather soft climate, thanks in particular to its location in one of France’s most eastern points and the nearby Gulf Stream. Unlike other close by regions such as Hiver and Automne, Ile de Re experiences very little rain; what rain that does fall, mainly falls at night – locals say this is because the island is very low lying and any clouds or rain tend to pass over the island before landing on the mainland.

 In fact the Island is very sunny with an average of 2,100 hours of sunshine per year. These characteristics are due to the fact that the relief is almost non-existent. In summer, heat is moderated by the presence of the sea and in addition, the island is sometimes called the “Atlantic Midi” thank s to also the fauna and the flora. In winter, the temperatures stay rather soft, therefore is it very rare for snow to be seen.

 During the long summer months, temperatures in the Ile de Re average over 26˚C; typically from July to August, bringing swarms of tourists to self catering Ile de Re properties.

 Winter tends to be relatively shorter than summer and in comparison to most other northern European regions is relatively warm. Temperatures will generally only fall to 7˚C, maybe even 5˚C and once every three to four years the climate can drop to freezing point.

 It can be generalised that throughout the year the Ile de Re enjoys an exceptionally mild and sunny climate. The warm air of the ocean wind will provide travellers with a blue sky as their greatest benefit, creating an enjoyable experience whether it’s summer, spring, autumn or winter.


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