17th August 2017 – Phare de Re article on the IRCC and cricket matchClick here to read.

25th August 2017 – IRCC versus Nantes and Others St Martin 13th August 2017.

IRCC Cricket day Sunday 13th August at the St Martin Stadium.

This annual event is between the Ile de Re/La Rochelle cricket club and visiting teams from other clubs on the west coast of France including Nantes.

This popular event was very well attended by both French and English and also provided a good opportunity for the visiting young English to participate in their national sport with the enthusiastic French IRCC team.

This year the spectators were given a good display of cricket from both sides and the feedback from all was that the event was much enjoyed and should remain as an annual August event.

The home team of IRCC enjoyed a close win helped by excellent batting and bowling and the cheers from families and friends.

This year lunch was provided by Khan with an excellent variety of curry and Nan bread which was appreciated by all and will hopefully return next year. Emily Stoner manned the drinks bar offering delicious cakes and keeping all the players and visitors refreshed until Khan’s curry arrived.

Photographs kindly provided by Michel Rodet.

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25th June 2017 – IRCC versus Petosse (previously knows as Maillé.)


Avec les 4 quartes joueurs prêtés pas le club de Nantes, dont deux collégiens, nous nous sommes rendus sur le nouveau terrain du club de Petosse, ancien Maillé.

Maillé a gagné le tirage pile ou face et a choisi de batter. Ils ont réussi a marqué seulement 110 points en 25 overs dans un match de 35 overs, grace aux très bons bowlings d’un collégien nantais Louis qui à éliminé 4 petossais et Michel 2.

Quant à notre batting, nous avons atteint l’objectif de 111 points en seulement 21 overs en perdant 7 joueurs.

Merci à tous les joueurs qui étaient présents et malgré notre faible nombre de joueurs, avec l’aide de Andy et Cédric nous avions une équipé complète.

A très bientôt.





We managed to get a full team with the help of some players, 2 french middle school students, from Nantes cricket club for our match against Petosse previously knows as Maillé.

Maillé won the toss and elected to bat and managed only 110 runs in 25 overs of a 35-over match. Thanks mainly to some excellent bowling from young Louis of Nantes and Michel who took 4 and 2 wickets respectively.

We reached the target in 21st over while losing 7 wickets.

I would like to thank everyone who joined us for this match. Special thanks to Andy and Cédric who helped us get the extra players to complete the team.

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