Ile d’Oleron Ports


Below:  St Denis d’Oleron the north east port and the largest for pleasure yachts with excellent facilities. Inexpensive fuel is available on the starboard pontoon as one enters the harbour.  Beware a sand bar just off the entrance.

St Denis Port

See below video of St Denis d’Oleron


See photo below of access into St Denis port.  Beware that there is a sill that keeps the water in the port at around 1.5 to 2.5 m at low tide.  Access over the sill at approximately half tide depending on the coefficient and draft of boat.  At coefficient circa 60 small boats can access or depart approximately 1.5 hours before or after low water. At coefficients 65-80 2hrs either side of low water. Greater than coefficient 80 then leave 2.5hrs either side of low water.  Warning it is shallower nearer the fuel pontoon and deeper on the Port side (if leaving) near the moored fishing vessels.

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