Good Hotels on Ile de Re.

   1. Toiras  4* (Popular with celebs)  – St Martin

   2. Richelieu 4*  (The first 4 star hotel & fantastic sea view; run by Richard  Gendre who speaks good English; keen to please)  – La Flotte

   3. Clos St Martin 4* (Very nice, get a sea view room.  Staff need to be more attentive – St Martin

   4. L’Ocean (Good restaurant & friendly) – Le Bois Plage

   5. L Vieux Greement 3* – La Couarde

   6.  Les Bois Flottais (Close to the beach and always popular; but book early in holiday seasons) –  Bois Plage.

   7.  Maison des Algues (Very pleasant with large heated pool (28 degrees C ). The owner Christian Gatta would love to discuss English cricket.  – Rivedoux.   (For website click here)

Ile de Re is a very popular holiday destination for the French, Belgiums, English, Dutch, Swiss, Germans and Italians.

Particularly busy in May, (Easter is very busy with all the second home owners getting their houses ready for the Summer.)  mid-July to end of August and end of October for the French. For those coming from England good  months are June and September and often April and early October can be lovely. May supposed to be a rainy month.

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