Fishing trips from the port of St Martin en Ré

Fishing trips –
ECOGARDES : 05 46 66 56 69

Tarifs : 15€
Moins de 12 ans : 5€
10 personnes maximum

Durée : 2h00

Shore fishing

Ile de Ré is a French island located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the Charente-Maritime and south of the Vendée, facing the port of La Pallice, not far from La Rochelle, nearly two kilometers from the continent. As part of the Charentais archipelago …
Passionate about fishing at sea bar or lean? Estivant or resident in Charente Maritime and keen on fishing? Ile de Ré is full of good fishing spots. When the sea recedes, water holes and rocks appear; crabs, crabs, shrimps, clams, prairie shells, scallops or knives attract lovers. At sunrise or sunset we meet fishermen who plant their lines at the beach.

North of the island of Ré:

It is an interesting corner for fishing in the off season. Indeed, fishing is prohibited in summer because of swimmers. In the summer, it is therefore necessary to restrict yourself to buldo fishing from the rocky coast, or to fish on the side of St Martin de Ré and La Flotte en Ré.

To the west and south of the Ile de Ré:

In this part of the island, you have the choice between Saint Clément des Baleines, Ars-en-Ré or Sainte Marie de Ré / la Noue. This rocky coast is not very crowded in the summer. Note that it is forbidden to walk on the locks. Know also that this practice is dangerous by big sea. Indeed, a wave quickly makes you put in the water and to carry you off, with your material.

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