Ars en Re


Ars en Re

The port/town of Ars is well worth a visit as it has many restaurants and a thriving market.  The church in the centre of the village with it’s prominent black tipped spire makes a great landmark.

Ars en Re is the northernmost port of Ile de Re.  There are a number of hazards one should be aware of when entering the approaches to the two harbours.

Please note the following notes are for guidance only; please use an up to date chart for detailed navigation.

  • The first is a large sandbank/sand bar on the north side of the entrance which dries 3.4m making it easy to get neaped. If approaching from the north carry on past the entrance looking for the Bucheron buoy which is approximately 2 miles offshore. Turn to starboard and follow the makers up the channel. (Note: it is deeper on your starboard side closest to the beach.
  • Once past the restaurant La Patache on the starboard side proceed carefully as the channel depths vary considerably. (There is an anchorage about 1/4 mile past La Patache where one can remain afloat at all tides.)
  • Just before the first locked marina (Chasse de la Criee basin) on your starboard side there is a sandbar that can catch boats out.
  • Access to Chasse de la Criee basin/marina 2hr 30 min before or after HW depending upon draft.
  • Access to Chasse de la Pree Basin/marina is 2hr 30 min before or after HW depending upon draft. Be aware that the access channel to La Pree basin is about 1/2 mile and quite narrow.

If in doubt call the Harbour Office on VHF Ch. 09 or tel: 0546 29 08 52.

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